LU 72/MCA of Georgia plan to have all 33 Apprentice Instructors

UA’ed certified by 2023!

The UA’s Instructor Training Program (ITP) is considered one of the most successful skills training programs in North America.  And it’s perhaps one of the most important weeks of the year for the United Association.  Each year, roughly 2,000 Instructors from Local Unions across North America and Australia arrive at Washtenaw Community College (WCC) in Ann Arbor, Michigan to train as peers in the most contemporary skill sets for the next generation. The program encompasses intensive week-long classes in the latest teaching methods and emerging technologies in our trades, and features other events and activities throughout the week.

The goal for most of the participants of the program is to complete the Instructor Certification Program or the Coordinator Certification Program, which takes approximately five years to accomplish. 107 individuals graduated from the program and were honored at a graduation ceremony held at Eastern Michigan University. UA General President told this year’s graduates, “You — and the men and women you will train and mentor throughout your career — are the Future of the United Association. Being here this week and meeting with many of you graduating today, I’m confident that the Future of the UA is in good hands.”

Our instructors are our school’s greatest resource and the JATT plans to continue investing in training, class resources, and shop trainers.  The Apprenticeship program sends instructors to Instructor Training Program annually. Each participant attending classes will receive a total of 40 hours of instruction that will be used in preparation for apprentice classes or journeyman training.  Our goal is to have all Apprentices Instructors UA’ed certified by 2023.  See our progress chart below.