MICETF Benefits & Services

Purposes of the MICETF:

  • Engage in public relations programs designed to create a better public understanding of the industry and to encourage greater use of the Industry’s services by owners, construction and service purchasers for the benefit of the general public.
  • Cooperate with public officials and representatives of other organizations on all matters of mutual interest affecting the Industry.
  • Foster and promote better employer/employee relationships. Strive for optimum efficiency and workmanship in construction methods.
  • Foster and provide for the education and training of supervisory and managerial personnel.
  • Promote research and experimentation concerned with improving existing construction methods and developing, testing and promoting new construction materials and/or modes of construction.
  • Promote safety in the Industry by developing programs and activities directed at assisting, technically or otherwise, architects, engineers, specification writers, general and specialty contractors, governmental authorities, and agencies, in the formulation or improvement of federal, state, and municipal regulations and other technical and safety programs having as their objective the safe, adequate and improved quality of mechanical contractors’ service to the public.
  • Support the activities and programs of the Association, including collective bargaining and related matters.
  • Foster and promote compliance with all laws, regulations, and orders concerning affirmative action and equal opportunity for employment.
  • Make contributions, donations or grants, in furtherance of the purposes of the Fund.