MCAG Benefits & Services

Mechanical Contractors Association of Georgia (MCAG), a national organization for the betterment of an industry that performs the largest segment of mechanical construction work.

MCAG, as the recognized spokesman for the leading mechanical contractors, offers its members the opportunity to make their voice heard on the local, state and national level. MCAG offers the opportunity to meet with others of similar interest to share issues as well as solutions.

MCAG represents mechanical contractors in negotiations with the United Association to remedy union-management issues, whether local or national in scope. MCAG watches after members interests to affect the outcome of legislative proposals as well as government directives.

MCAG represents the mechanical contractor’s interests among other construction industry groups.

MCAG along with the MICETF and Georgia-Florida, Chapter 23 NCPWB offers opportunities for educational seminars throughout the country and keeps members constantly informed on better management practices. This includes locally scheduled workshops for skills improvement.

MCAG provides current information to keep members abreast of activities in the industry and of governmental developments throughout the state and nation that affect mechanical contractors.

MCAG offers members ways to solve specific industry problems through the joint effort of colleagues working together.

MCAG as the local affiliate of MCAA offers technical services to improve members’ business through its Pipe Welding, Plumbing, Service and Maintenance Divisions.